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For Startups

We help founders get meetings with investors.

Fundraising has always been a time consuming, inefficient process of trying to get in front of VCs. Having lived this process (and supported many founders), we know that it's a winding journey of networking, asking for referrals, and wondering if you've looked under every rock. Our aim is to help you simplify this process.

For Investors

We know how hard it is to build and maintain good, actionable deal flow.

We provide a consolidated source of vetted deals. 

Simply identify the startups of interest and we'll make the introduction - at no cost. 

About Us

We're a small team in the startup ecosystem passionate about supporting founders. 

While making hundreds of 1:1 introductions each year, we've realized a curated newsletter is more efficient and impactful for both sides. Companies Raising is the result.

Have questions? Contact us at info@companiesraising.com